Lets emBrace our communities

The mission of EmBracelets is to simultaneously raise money and awareness for organizations focused on community empowerment. We hope to promote and support racial, gender, and educational equality. 

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Endarofta Secondary School

Current Focus Organization

Our new focus organization is Endarofta Secondary School, which was established in 1984 in the Karutu region of Tanzania. The school currently accommodates 400 boys and girls from all around Tanzania. In addition, they value teaching students to keep up with current events, offering a variety of academic clubs, promoting physical exercise, immersing students in the agricultural sector, and accepting students from a variety of religious backgrounds despite belonging to the Catholic Church.

We will be helping them out in two ways: raising funds to build a dining hall and holding a supplies drive for books, sports equipment, and school supplies. In June, we are hoping to launch a virtual tutoring program with students from the Endarofta Secondary School and high-school students from the DC area. We chose Endarofta Secondary School because we strongly value education, and in the wake of the pandemic, smaller schools in Tanzania have faced many challenges, particularly resource shortages. Additionally, we had been connected to the school for many years. They recently informed us that they needed help building a dining hall and providing students with enough books, computers, and sports equipment. We know that inadequate nutrition and a lack of access to educational tools can be severely detrimental to students’ success, so we hope to support Endarofta Secondary School in improving the education of its students. 


About EmBracelet's

A message from Olivia Castel, our Founder

EmBracelet’s raises awareness for important social justice causes while raising money to support the cause at the same time. The way EmBracelet's works is when you purchase the bracelet of your choice, 75% of the proceeds will be donated to the focus organization - the organization EmBracelet's has chosen to support for a 3 month period. The other 25% of the proceeds are used for supplies and labor costs. Embracelet’s began as I realized that beaded bracelets were gaining popularity again and I thought about how easy it would be to make and sell them, then I realized that in light of the chaos occurring in the world, it would be impactful to donate the money to organizations focused around community empowerment.